Purchase of Robot in a Can at Montreal Mini Maker Faire

  • Hi Ben,

    I attended the Montreal Mini Maker Faire in November 2018 and purchased the Robot in a Can from your booth. I signed up to your mailing list at the booth but I haven't received anything by email (I checked the spam as well as promotions and other folders in my inbox). You said that the Robot in a Can will likely ship in January 2019. When can I expect my purchase to be shipped out? I'm enthusiastically awaiting its arrival :))


    • Yota

  • administrators

    @yotakarvela Hi Yota!! Thank you for your patience.

    The kits were a bit delayed in the manufacturing process but everything is finally here and our team is just putting the finishing touches on all the kits. I expect they will be shipped this coming week!

    The first email will also be going out soon. We have been busy preparing kits and projects and writing new tutorials which will also be posted on the web soon!

    Thank you Yota 🙂

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